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Thermal Spray Coatings protect precision machine components from corrosion and wear in some of the harshest operating environments on land, in the sea, and in the air, and Hayden has been providing that protection for more than 50 years. Learn how Hayden can keep your parts safe and functional in temperatures over 1,000°F or 1,000 feet under water.

latest news:

Hayden Corp Certified as FAA 145 Repair Station

West Springfield, MA - Hayden Corp, a leading thermal spray coating and laser cladding company, announced...MORE>

AS9100 Certification

It has been a dizzying few months! In September of last year, we began in earnest to adapt our ISO 9002:2000...MORE>

Growth, Expansion, ICP, and More!

In a long-overdue update, we are pleased to announce a whole raft of changes here at HAYDEN. Beginning...MORE>

Laser Cladding Puts a ’47 Ford Back on the Road

Laser Cladding is proving to be a great fit for restoring classic auto components and other parts long...MORE>

Aritcle by HAYDEN in September Welding Journal

As a follow up to the presentation we offered at last year’s Thermal Spray Symposium at FABTECH...MORE>

HAYDEN Presenting at FABTECH TS Symposium

For the past few years, the American Welding Society (www.aws.org) and...MORE>

Tornado Follow-Up

A lot of people have contacted us about the impact of the tornado on our facility. We have added a page...MORE>


Early in the evening of June 1, our facility, and many other homes and buildings in Western Massachusetts,...MORE>

Laser Cladding Restores a Classic

The unique combination of low heat input and true metallurgical bonding offered by laser cladding makes...MORE>

ITSA Spring Meeting in Charleston

The 2011 Spring Meeting of the International Thermal Spray Association (www.thermalspray.org)...MORE>

EASTEC is Coming to Town

Hayden Corporation and Hayden Laser Services will be exhibiting at EASTEC again this year. EASTEC is...MORE>

Hayden Corporation Heads Offshore

Hayden Corporation and Hayden Laser Services will be exhibiting at this year’s Offshore Technology...MORE>

Hayden Corp. Takes Coatings to the Web

It’s tough for people new to thermal spray technology to really get to understand how it works,...MORE>

Hayden Heads to Atlanta

Hayden Corporation will be joining other International Thermal Spray Association member companies, along...MORE>

Switch to VOIP Offers Better Access

Hayden Corporation recently switched to a new Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone system for enhanced accessiblility...MORE>

Bronkhorst Calibration Capability

Recognizing the accuracy and reliability of mass flow gas control technology, as an enhancement over...MORE>

ITSA Spring Meeting in San Francisco

The 2010 Spring Meeting of the International Thermal Spray Association (www.thermalspray.org)...MORE>

UID Compliant Laser Marking at HLS

To extend our slate of services available under one roof, Hayden Laser Services (HLS) has added laser...MORE>

Hayden Laser Goes Cobalt Blue

Since its start-up in 2007, Hayden Laser Services has worked closely with German laser system manufacturer...MORE>

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6-Axis Robot Video

Hayden Laser Services

Laser Metal Deposition (laser cladding) puts tough protection exactly where it’s needed. Welding high-performance materials with robotic precision and powerful laser light ensures that protection stays in place for the lifetime of the component, no matter how challenging the environment. Hayden Laser Services makes this technology available to the broadest reach of industries by offering a range of capacities, lasers, and materials. Click here to see how laser technology is protecting some of the most rugged tools on Earth.

  • Five-axis CNC machine tool
  • Six-axis robot
  • Easily process complex geometries
  • 3D modeling allows for programming/virtual testing before fabrication
  • Little to no part distortion
  • Full metallurgical bond, even with disparate and/or exotic metals
  • Very low heat-affected zone (HAZ)
  • Precise control of laser provides optimal deposition efficiency/thickness
  • Accommodate pieces up to 33' in length
  • Capacity up to two tons
  • 3m x 1.5m x 1m work area